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A Breath of Fierce Air

Nature Connected Coaching

Fiercely Compassionate. Compassionately Fierce.

"Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

-Ramana Maharshi

What the bleep is Nature Connected  Coaching?
  • Coaching uncovers what gets in your way

  • I ask the questions that make you catch your breath, pause, and tell yourself the Truth

  • Client-driven means YOU are in the driver's seat

  • I guide you to stay on track

  • Together we untangle the OLD story and then rewrite your NEW story

  • I hold you accountable for what you promise yourself

Being FIERCE means:​

  • Speaking your TRUTH

  • Knowing that vulnerability takes COURAGE

  • Feeling the fear and doing it anyway

  • Loving & accepting ALL of you (not just the shiny, easy-to-like bits)

  • Saying NO to things that don't light you up

  • Saying YES to things that do

  • Doing whatever it takes to stop playing small & safe

What does being FIERCE look like?




Can you hear it?

It's hard to hear the Soul's whisperings,

but if you learn how to listen, 
it will reveal the answers

that you've been seeking.

Your Soul is Calling

It's time to get Fierce with your transformation.

Cultivate a relationship with your WHOLE Self,

and learn to love all of you.


To love all Parts of yourself,

we must bring them out of the shadows of the subconscious.

Let me guide you.

I know the way.


Get Fierce
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