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Reclaiming My Center

In the current state of events, I observe how easily my mind gets agitated, as strings of thoughts pull me left and right, back and forth. It seems every external circumstance or alarming news from friends or family spins me into an empathic ball of emotion. I feel like a feather in the wind.

I've had really low days. From this state, my body feels heavy, I feel exhausted. From this state, it's challenging to see things any other way. When I'm here, feeling so easily pulled off-center, I cannot serve, only witness and wait for it to pass. This is the time to implement tools. I get curious about my thought forms, and choose language to speak to myself the way I'd speak to a friend. Enlist the help of the Parts of myself that can guide me through this. Sit outside, rain or shine.

Once I'm able to get curious about this state, I'm able to track its origins. I find that little has to do with me or my immediate circumstances. I am okay. I need to reclaim my center.

I deepen my meditation. I feel all my feelings as they arise, acknowledging and accepting what comes. I implement empowering mantras rather than critical, judgmental, or defeating ones. I talk to friends. I check in with family. I eat well. I move my body, going for hours-long mountain bike rides that get my heart and lungs pumping. I spend more time in nature than screen time. The screen time I do indulge in is very selective. I turn off Netflix and turn on Gaia. I create more content than I consume. I regularly check in with my body when I'm on social media or checking the news. I turn it off when my body starts to feel gross.

Now when stress levels begin to creep upwards, I feel grounded, centered. I can hold complex and contradictory emotions within me while still feeling solid and present and grateful and aware. I honor and acknowledge intense feelings without getting spun out of center.

I took back my power.

I have reclaimed my center.

How do you reclaim your center?


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