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"Erica is very much a reflective listener who pays attention to both verbal and nonverbal language. Her ability to reflect and check-in at deeper and deeper levels helped to build trust and invaluable awareness. Erica pressed me for clarity when I needed it most. Her ability to hear what wasn’t being said and pose questions about it helped me go beneath the surface and discover my real agenda. I learned from my experience with Erica as my coach that specific coaching tools are great to have on hand, but not always what is needed. She readily offered them but just as readily set them aside to be in the moment with me and what I needed. As a result of listening to my body together, I recognized an area of my life that was calling to me and was able to give it the attention and focus it needed. I gained a peace-filled understanding of my approach and a gratitude for the mindfulness I could offer it."  -R.G.


"Erica was able to coach me on what I brought to the sessions (business challenges) with her nature inspired life coaching skills. The experience was truly amazing for me because I have a deep love for nature but never saw a connection between that love and the business challenges I was dealing with. In coaching with Erica, I've realized a much greater sense of clarity in what my mission is. I've realigned my niche to be more authentic in terms of who I am, and the service I offer, rather than relying on the outside world's definition of what I should be offering. Erica's coaching is mindfully energetic, very intuitive, compassionate and gentle, but also firm when needed. She truly does offer a 'Breath of Fierce Air.'"  -M.B.



"I had to make a huge career decision that involved moving countries and relocating my life and taking big risks. I had no idea how to process and make a decision. Erica synthesized the word vomit I was spewing into succinct ideas and probed deeper, getting me to truly reflect. I loved that she built everything off of what I wanted and why I wanted it. She never said, "I think you should...." or "It'd be a good idea to..." etc. Erica helps you organize your thinking and figure out what is best for YOU in the middle of the mind chaos that happens when we are stressed or have things to figure out. She helped me in a critical moment. Erica’s questions and feedback were very empowering and helped guide me to make my own decision confidently."  -C.H.

"I have always been the type of person who considers myself very insightful and in touch with what is going on in my heart and mind. I love psychology and self-help, and have seen a few therapists in the past but always felt like I was one step ahead of them. When I brought up an issue I was having with my husband to Erica, I wasn’t expecting to learn anything new. But, I couldn’t have been more wrong. She’s remarkably good at pointing out exactly the thing you’ve been trying not to see. By the end of our conversation my eyes were filled with tears and I understood what the root of the problem truly was. It caught me completely off guard, and changed everything. Our session brought an issue at the core of my relationship into the light where I could see it clearly and work to change it. Erica leads with this amazing energy that is both nurturing and authoritative. I felt free to be completely open and vulnerable, all while knowing that she wasn’t going to buy into the stories I use to explain things away. That combination is magic."  -K.J.

"My favorite part of working with Erica is that she asks great questions!  She has a very creative approach to life and to her coaching sessions which shines through.  There have been moments in various sessions when I literally sit up at attention because of the great question she just asked me!  These questions are open-ended, provocative, and have taken me into a deeper understanding of myself or the issue I am working on. I highly recommend working with Erica if you want to increase your awareness and understanding of an issue in your life."  -A.S.


"I felt stuck in my life, not really satisfied with work and wanting more autonomy of my time. 

Sessions were always uplifting and clarifying. I always felt like I was taking a step or more in the right direction. They gave me confidence in my intentions and strength to keep moving forward on a path I really wanted rather than the easy, safe trajectory I was on. Erica is AMAZING! So worth it and life changing."  -A.M.

"Beautiful. We sat in a gorgeous field by our campsite in Crested Butte, one of my favorite places on Earth. It was morning and the birds were chirping, the sun was warm, and the daisies were blooming in abundance. Her calm and gentle disposition instantly set me at ease to get vulnerable quickly and talk about my true feelings. Erica is an amazing listener, her demeanor is so welcoming and safe, and I can tell how much she genuinely cares about the work she is doing. It was an amazing opportunity to set an intention at the start of a new relationship (that is still going strong!), a moment in time to pause and get deliberate about my approach forward. Erica is an incredible human being with a fascinating and diverse background who was literally made for this role of life coaching rooted in nature. She's incredibly in tune with the natural, spiritual, and emotional worlds, so she serves as an excellent guide through life coaching. She also brings the organizational and program management skills to her work, and you know you're in solid, professional hands."  -S.D.

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