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We're All in This Together

After finishing grad school and believing I was heading down the road of natural resources management, life decided to present a different offer. I accepted.

I quit my job, moved into a yurt, began training as a Nature Connected Life Coach, and took a deep exploration into personal transformation and how to guide others to do the same.

I decided I want to focus on what's within my control. I decided I want to feel empowered by my life, not a helpless citizen. I decided that solving the world's problems meant doing The Work, the inner work, the hard stuff. 

​This couldn’t have happened at a better time.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who’s felt helpless, infuriated, outraged, in shock, and in grief about the state of our government, our environment, and the direction humanity seems to be heading. 

Our world needs a lot of healing, and it starts with oneself. It starts with how each person shows up in their relationships, on social media, and while driving in traffic. It literally starts with you. And me. And us together.


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