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The Scientist vs. The Mystic

At first The Scientist felt threatened, and unsafe.

Everything The Scientist believed to be true, was crumbling.

The Scientist Part of me preferred to shush up The Mystic, who “just knew things” without scientific evidence. The Scientist felt threatened by The Mystic’s innate knowledge. I gave The Scientist a task. I asked her to use her scientific mind to “measure” what is happening and when.

Body sensations, take note.

Thought patterns, take note.

Nature events, take note.

Strange coincidences & synchronicities, take note.

The Scientist began to see patterns, and started working with The Mystic instead of against her, an integration of left & right hemispheres, science meets spirit. And there in that space is where we play. Sensations in the body tell her the secrets of her subconscious. The Scientist takes note.


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