Blue jays announced the presence of something on the south end of the cottonwoods. Birds were flying from northwest to southeast to check it out. Loosely lost in thoughts, I enjoyed the realization that I could let go of my attempts at stillness and actually drop into presence. I opened my ears to "hear the quietest noise in all four directions" during my sense meditation. After engaging with my senses, I realized the thoughts had settled down.

I could simply BE. While relishing in that realization, enjoying the stillness of "doing nothing," a mid-sized UFB (unidentified flying bird), some type of raptor, came into view. It hovered down without a single flap of its wings, to alight on one of the cottonwoods where the bird ruckus was coming from. "Ahhhh, I don't have to DO anything," was the exact thought at that precise moment.

Here in nature, I can just BE.