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Journey to Purple Mist

The drumming began.

I arrived with my question:

“I want to meet one of my Spirit Guides.”

I dropped down to the base of the roots. Rabbit was there to greet me. He jumped into my arms and snuggled under my chin. Snuggled and cuddled, and snuggled and cuddled. Twisted in cuddliness. I carried Rabbit in my arms as we entered the Caves of Dock. Spider was there. Spider wanted to snuggle and cuddle, but I was a bit fearful of her ginormous size. She had soft fur, and I pet it a few times to reassure me not to be fearful of her. She just wanted love too. I wanted to carry her in my arms too, and she shrank down to the size of Rabbit. I carried Spider in my left arm, Rabbit in my right. They both snuggled into me, and I wrapped my arms around them as we hugged and loved and walked. We walked through the Caves of Dock, past the Cave of Crystals on the right, and back out into the light as we exited the Caves. The Ancient Asian man with white beard was waiting for us. I greeted him, I introduced myself, as I did every time we met. I tried to make small talk. He stood with his cane, down to business.

“Follow me,” was all he said.

I told him I was looking for one of my Spirit Guides, and since he was one of them, I wondered if he was it.

“Follow me,” he repeated as we walked up a rocky ledge, while I carried Rabbit & Spider in my arms, embracing them while following Ancient Asian man. He had his staff to balance himself up the rocky ledge. It wasn’t too far up, only 15 or 20 feet. At the top it plateaued, and all the Crows were there. I tried to interact with one of them. Just as aloof as the Ancient Asian.

“Are there any Crows that want a snuggle?”

One came out of the murder, from the left. It hopped into my arms, a snuggly trio of Rabbit, Spider, and Crow.

Suddenly the land changed before our feet, and Asian man stood with his staff, waiting.

I looked at it, couldn’t quite make out what it was.


It was black swirling sludge.

It had a purple tinge to it, the way raven’s wings are so black they reflect shimmers of blues and deep purples.

I peered into it.

It was almond-shaped. A swirling black purple-tinged eye.

I put my friends on the earth next to me, and we all peered into the swirling black sludge eye.

I stood there for a while. I wasn’t going INSIDE that, was I?

Well of course. That’s why we came.

And I knew it.

I turned around and faced my friends, my guides, and with my back to the edge of the swirling sludge, I opened my arms and fell backward, gently falling into the thick tar.

Inside the swirling sludge, my body twisted and contorted, wringing itself out over and over again. My essence squeezed itself out of my physical body, and began to travel down into the depths of the thick sludge. Toward the bottom it tapered off, funneling down into the size of a wormhole, or thick cable. My essence spurted itself out at a tiny opening at the bottom, as a fine mist.

My mist joined a space of other mist. My mist was purple, intermingling with all the other mists hanging out in this cavernous space.

I reminded everyone that I was looking for one of my Spirit Guides.

Mist is your guide.

“Mist?” I wondered.

“You are Mist,” came a reply.

“I am Mist,” I accepted.

“I am Mist.”

We wanted to travel around as Mist, and we expanded as a collective, but not going too far. There were flashes of possibilities. We could go to the far reaches of the atmosphere, to the far reaches of the solar system, to the far reaches of the universe.

But no, we conglomerated in the cavernous depths.

I began to ask more questions.

“What’s up with my love life? What should I do with my business? What’s next? Who’s my Spirit Guide?”

“You have more work to do,” came the reply in response to my question about my love life.

“Go do you.”

Images arrived of pottery and coaching and writing and working my magic.

“Shine Your Light.”

“But I’m Mist.”

“Shine Your Light.”

“But I’m Mist.”

“Shine Your Light.”

And I tried to shine as a precipitation blob. My particles of mist began to glow. A beautiful purple illuminated cloud of water and air molecules swirling together began to shine and shine and shine. The blobs of Mist around me began to shine. We shined and shined and shined.

“Shine Your Light.”

Images arrived of my coaching website, and all the writing, and all the tales that want to be told.

“It’s time to Shine Your Light.”

Images of facebook arrived, putting my stories out there, being seen and connecting with my Tribe.

“Shine Your Light.”

Images of my coaching services arrived, offering SoulScape Journeys and Partswork focused on Shadow Work and guiding clients into their Arch of Soul, teaching them how to cultivate a deeper relationship with the most sacred Parts of themself.

“Shine Your Light.”

I was a luminous purple Mist, glowing and shining from who knows where or how.

“Shine Your Light.”

The drumming quickened and it was time to return.

I as Mist traveled upwards toward the eye of swirling sludge, particles scattered and floating outside the thick cable. I picked up my Skin Suit tumbling around the sludge, and returned to the edge of the Eye where my friends were waiting for me. I did a quick check-in to make sure all particles of me returned and I wasn’t leaving anything behind that needed to return with me, but allowed anything that wanted to be left behind, to remain.

We all returned together, through the Caves of Dock and to the bottom of the tree roots.

I thanked everyone, and gave last hugs to Rabbit and Spider and Crow. Ancient Asian man stood with his staff. I’d be seeing them all again soon.

I climbed back up the tree roots and into my physical body, again making sure all parts had returned with me. Back in my room, I returned.

I walked outside and hugged the tree that I had traveled down, and hugged and hugged.

Thank you, Tree.

Arms raised above my head, taking in the tallness of the Great Tree with my bare feet on the earth.

Thank you, Tree.


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