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Journey to Coronavirus

I traveled down the roots of the tree in front of the house.

I arrived, standing on the firm ground.

The first thing I noticed was the silence.

Besides the drumbeat reaching my ears, there was silence in the Underworld.

Silence. Stillness.

In the stillness I could feel the heartbeat of the Earth.

I looked around. I asked Coronavirus if it was here.

My gaze took me toward the ocean. I looked at the waves lapping on the shoreline, and I watched as they froze.

Frozen in time, the ocean stood still.

From the top of the cliff I felt a pull downward. I disembarked the cliff, expecting to travel down toward the shore and ocean far below.

Instead, I was being drawn into the cliff wall. The sun was on the other side of the cliff, so that the cliff face was shrouded in shadow. In the mix of shadows, a dark opening was there. My body was pulled into it. Inside the cliff face, under the ground.

Where was I?

I found myself under the Underworld.

In a cave of darkness, I walked.

I walked where there was no ground.

I walked down stairs where there were no stairs.

I walked left and right, no ground beneath my feet yet sturdy and stable wherever I walked.

A light brightened on my right momentarily.

What was that?

I looked in that direction in the dark.

A bright flash of light was looking at me.

Dragon’s Eye.

A huge Dragon was somewhere in the dark, and it was looking at me with one huge eye. Its eye larger than my entire body, looking at me with an intensity of fire blazing white.

The eye closed, and the Dragon could be anywhere.

I wasn’t afraid. There is nothing to be afraid of in the Underworld, and apparently, under the Underworld.

I asked Coronavirus if it would reveal itself.

“Hello, my name is Erica Wrona. I’m looking for Corona.”

I could see the light of the opening far far above me where I had entered through the cliff wall.

Around me complete darkness.

I introduced myself again.

“Hello, my name is Erica Wrona. I’m looking for Corona.”

Down even further below, was a blueish white light. As soon as I noticed it, I was pulled into it.

I was shooting through what felt like a neural circuit, or a lightning bolt, or a portal through the universe.

Inside this tunnel, it took me through a loop and spit me out right where I began.

I felt frustration rise within me. I couldn’t find Corona.

I asked again. “Please show me Corona.”

The same thing happened. A blueish white light appeared in the same spot, and I was shot through it in milliseconds.

I expressed my frustration and asked if Coronavirus was willing to reveal itself.

I heard, “I AM showing you.”

I couldn’t make out a shape or size or any kind of reference, just these silvery lines that I was being shot through.

The next time I got pulled into the silver thread, my viewpoint was from inside it, instead of viewing myself as the observer as I had been. Now I was inside the circuit, the thread, the silver tunnel.

Shooting faster than light through the silver tunnel, I couldn’t tell where I was going. My direction was directionless. I turned around to get a better view of my surroundings, and Dragon was inside the Silver Tunnel with me. It’s fiery breath was shooting at me, but instead of burning me, it seemed to be propelling me forward.

The tunnel kinked, and instead of shooting off in a wavy yet somewhat straight line as we’d been traveling, we began to loop upon itself.

Looping and luminescent, the Silver Tunnel drew a bright line in the darkness, writing itself in loop-d-loops.

I felt my body being tumbled and tumbled through the loops, and for a moment I was a wave crashing upon itself.

I was being spun into a web, and sure enough, there was Spider. As large as Dragon, Spider was weaving her silver thread.

The web of all things.

The spinning stopped, and again I found myself in stillness.

In the silence of the stillness, I asked again, “Coronavirus, will you show yourself?”

“I AM showing you,” was its response.

I waited. I watched.

I saw the jumble of silver thread expand out into a sheet.

From the depths of darkness under the Underworld, the sheet stretched out and I saw we were deep within the Earth, and the sheet was stretching itself out and through the Earth.

I was observing Earth from another vantage point.

“This must be what the Moon sees.”

The silver sheet stretched out and was cutting through a layer of earth, about ¼ of its circumference. It was trying to lift and sift upwards and away.

It reminded me of an egg slicer, with ¼ of the Earth being sifted through a layer, a sheet, pulling upward but struggling.

It seemed like the sheet should have been able to lift itself off quite effortlessly, but it kept getting snagged. It would stop, stagnant, not moving, struggling. Then I watched as it would pull up again, as if it were removing all the weeds and junk and debris and toxins. With some effort, it finally succeeded, and the sheet was released from the grip of the Earth and everything it had collected was shot off in different directions of the universe. Some of it burned up and was transmuted within the fires of distant stars. Some of it is still floating around, humans’ toxic weeds traveling through space for all eternity.

I tried to understand what I was seeing.

“What is left behind on that ¼ of the Earth that the Silver Sheet just filtered?”

Clear channels, clear minds, clear hearts.

Nothing extraneous was left behind. It’s of no use to us now.

We will continue to live here, and Earth will continue, but the cleansing has begun.

The sheet that had flung our toxic weeds into the far flung corners of the universe, then wrapped itself tightly around the Earth. I could hear people screaming. I could feel their panic.

“We can’t breathe! We can’t breathe!”

The Earth’s people were gasping for air, but the sheet would not relent.

An intelligence far greater than our own was in play here.

It was asking us to trust the process.

A sharp dagger of a claw appeared, looming above the Earth. With its sharp precision, it began scoring the surface of the Earth. Wavy lines that seemed to be drawn without rhyme or reason.

That’s when the Earth cracked open, and all the chunks of Earth with people and cities and nature and animals, were separated out from each other, in about 15-20 Earth islands.

I asked Coronavirus what was I seeing.

“Fragmented Selves,” it replied.

“What am I supposed to be learning from you?” I asked as our time together was coming to a close.

“Put yourself back together.”


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