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Journey to Little Green Spider

Excerpt from Friday, June 15, 2018:

After a 30-minute meditation this morning, I decided to do a Soulscape Journey. My target spirit was the little green spider that crawled out of my flat tire at the puncture wound. My inquiry was about the four flat tires with screws and one flat tire with a nail in it. In less than a year, why was I randomly getting all these flat tires?

I traveled down the tree in the front window and landed underground. I asked the big Spider if she knew where the little green Spider was. She extended her front leg and pointed it straight out, indicating “over there...keep going.” I asked if she could help me about the flat tires, and wordless she pointed again with her outstretched leg. The Rabbit was there as usual, greeting me upon arrival. It was so excited it was jumping and twirling like a mini tornado. And so I asked if I could ride him to find the little green Spider. It was hard to get on his back, but he grew a little to accommodate me as he was spinning. I felt my head swirl as we spun around high up in the air looking for where little green Spider was. I saw my World from up above - the canyon and rock arch leading to my Soul. The flat plateau and sagebrush where all the crows were gathered. The valley that stretches out beyond the Crow Plateau - yet to be explored. From high above we were drawn to the smaller canyon opening up to the left, where an ancient asian man was standing, and in the cave with water I swam down down down into another level of my World. We landed on the ground and Rabbit took off. I asked if he would stick around to take me back, and he said maybe. I walked into the canyon upon stepping stones laid next to a gentle stream. On the left was little green Spider, a few feet tall - the size of a cat or basketball. I introduced myself, and asked its name or if it would like to name itself. After a pause it said, “Cleopatra, or Cleo!” I hadn’t realized she was a she, and was so glad she named herself so I would know more about her. I asked if I could ask a question. She was also very excited like the Rabbit, jumping up and down with her bouncy delicate spider legs. I asked about the flat tires and what that was all about. She said to trust. It’s Divine Timing. I don’t need to understand all the intricacies of how the universe operates, just trust in Divine Timing. With such a quick answer and so much time left down here, I asked what else should I know? Spider said I ask too many questions, and to relax and have fun. Spider took my hands in hers and started to dance, jumping up and down and twirling in sheer glee. She wanted us to have a dance party. And we did. I danced and threw my head back and spun around and bounced on one foot and then the other. As more questions formed and I tried to ask them, she said again I ask too many questions. “Just dance.”


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