We Get What We Focus On

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.” -Albert Einstein

I wonder at how programmed we are to pinpoint what's going "wrong" with the world. We tend to focus on failed governments, institutions, the state of the environment, our

neighbor's loud dogs. The more focus we as individuals place on what's wrong, the more we get of exactly what we don't want. I challenge you to seek out the programs, organizations, and systems that are working, or are moving in a direction that resonates with you. I challenge you to seek out any improvements your local or state governments and organizations are making. I challenge you to seek out something you like about your neighbor's barking dog. I challenge you to seek out something you like about the least favorite parts of yourself.

You see, the more we focus on, the more of the same that comes into our experience. It's that simple. Are you satisfied living on the default setting -  pinpointing all the flaws of the world and of the imperfections of being human? Or are you up for the challenge to try something new?

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