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This Tri-Chakra healing elephant will warm your heart and soul. This awakened elephant's bindis are carnelian (orange), citrine (yellow), and aventurine (green).


Orange: 2nd - Sacral Chakra

Yellow: 3rd - Solar Plexus Chakra

Green: 4th - Heart Chakra




Heal your heart, heal your soul.


**15% discount for imperfections:

1. mini crack in glaze at bottom (still completely functional)

2. small-sized elephant trunk handle fits 1-2 fingers

Tri-Chakra Healer

$64.00 Regular Price
$54.40Sale Price
  • Each mug is made by throwing the body on the wheel and then adding the handle trunk and ears (handbuilt from one piece of clay.)



    • Wedge appropriate amount of clay

    • Throw mug body on wheel

    • Allow clay to firm, and trim bottom (2-7 days later)

    • Let dry slowly to avoid cracks

    • Bisque fire

    • Sand and wax bottom

    • Glaze

    • Fire again

    • Epoxy semi-precious stones to elephant

    • Voila!


    From start to finish it’s a long process and this elephant made it all the way through the process!

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