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Grey-blue exterior with crackly-effect blue celedon interior. A vibrant Tiger Eye sits upon this elephant's activated 3rd eye.

Its trunk forms the Akash Mudra, a symbolic, ritualistic gesture of the hands often used in Ayurveda and spiritual yoga practice to increase the element of space, or the cosmos, within the body. The name comes from the Sanskrit words aakash (orakash), meaning "view" or "recognize," and mudra, which means "gesture," "mark" or "seal."

Grey-Blue + Tiger Eye

  • Each mug is made by throwing the body on the wheel and then adding the handle trunk and ears (handbuilt from one piece of clay.)



    • Wedge appropriate amount of clay

    • Throw mug body on wheel

    • Allow clay to firm, and trim bottom (2-7 days later)

    • Let dry slowly to avoid cracks

    • Bisque fire

    • Sand and wax bottom

    • Glaze

    • Fire again

    • Epoxy semi-precious stones to elephant

    • Voila!


    From start to finish it’s a long process and this elephant made it all the way through the process!

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