Due to Coronavirus, in-person offers are temporarily postponed. 

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Coronavirus stressing you out?

In the face of great adversity and uncertainty, arises an even greater opportunity for self-reflection, clarity, and deep transformation.

Now offering "Corona Care" Coaching at 20% off standard rates.

Online session | 30 minutes - free

Let's get curious about each other.

Click a time, we'll jump on the phone, and we'll talk about that niggling feeling you've had that's telling you it's time for change, you need some insight, you're ready to figure this out.

I'll explain what my services are and what working together would look like.

Upon booking, you'll receive a Zoom link with log-in instructions for our call.

In-person Offers

Bend, Oregon

Nature-Connected Life Coaching

We can't change what we're not aware of. We'll begin with raising self-awareness, then cultivate an intimate relationship with your Self, and transform blocks and resistance into the fierce, fabulous Self you already are.

There's no better time than the present to look within. Inside of you contains all the answers you will ever need. I'll guide you to the innermost parts of yourself through deep listening, powerful questioning, and fierce compassion.

Through the added benefit of nature, what unfolds in the natural landscape provides profound insight into what is hidden within your inner landscape.

We'll meet at your favorite nature spot in Bend, or I can provide suggestions of my fave places.

Temporarily unavailable in person.

Forest Bathing | Nature Immersion

Forest bathing, deep nature connection, grounding, earth-ing will bring you to a deeply connected state that rewires neural pathways for connection, calm, and clarity.

Engage all your senses and "sync" into the earth.

Temporarily unavailable.

“Beneath the social mask we wear every day, we have a hidden shadow side: an impulsive, wounded, sad, or isolated part that we generally try to ignore. The Shadow can be a source of emotional richness and vitality, and acknowledging it can be a pathway to healing and an authentic life.” - Steve Wolf

In this 3 hour Soul & Shadow session, we'll get familiar with all the Parts of yourself. We will have intimate conversations with your Soul and gain valuable insight from the community of Parts that reside within. We'll identify your Shadow Parts, find out their needs, and help them re-integrate into your whole Self. Under it all, your Soul is waiting.

This offer brings together a unique blend of Partswork/Internal Family Systems, Gestalt therapy principles, Vipassana observation technique, & Non-Violent Communication.

Temporarily unavailable in person.

Co-Creation of Sacred Ceremony

Letting go, making space, birthing a creative endeavor, saying goodbye to a loved one, addressing unfinished business, cultivating a deeper connection with nature...whatever the reason you are called to ceremony, it can be created.

We'll open the container with 1:1 coaching to get clear on the intention behind the Ceremony. Together, we will intuitively create the experience, dancing in the moment, and utilize materials and objects from nature as well as my own toolkit of sacred goodies.

Temporarily unavailable.

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