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Moon. Stars. Clouds. Quiet.

SitSpot Journal entry: March 7, 2017

Balmy night. 40's? 50's? Felt great after the chilly sunny days whipped by gales.

So. much. wind.

I went to my tree, Judy Bloom, around 8pm. The sun had set a couples hours prior. It was my first nighttime SitSpot. Of course I've been immersed in nature at night before, but this was different. It was getting to know the land , the earth, that patch of the planet, from a different perspective.

Moon. Stars. Clouds. Quiet. No peeps but for one bird. A red-winged blackbird? Hard to tell. I do wonder where they sleep at night.

Star gazing. Moon gazing. Soul gazing.

So peaceful. So small. So much beauty.

Looking at the world with wonder.

Looking at the world without analysis.

Before words, there was nothing.

Before words, there were feelings.


The way I would imagine an animal perceives the world.

Wordless. Wordless world.

Perceiving the world through animal's eyes.

Flecks of light, tree branches, grasses whispering in the wind.

Without words to describe my experience, I feel, I experience.

I am.

We are.


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