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If Nothing Goes Wrong There is No Movie

“We can be thankful. Especially for the difficult parts of our life. Because without that, there would be no awakening. The challenges create the necessary energy for the flowering of consciousness. It’s not only in the movies where things need to go wrong. If nothing goes wrong there is no movie. The character doesn’t develop. Everybody remains the same. In a bad movie, everything that is resolved is on some external level. But in a good movie, as the character faces his or her problems, you’ll see the character grows, changes, develops abilities that he or she didn’t have before. And in very good movies, there’s some kind of spiritual realization. But only because something went wrong.”

- Eckhart Tolle

For everything that has "gone wrong" in my life, I thank you.

In reality, nothing ever really goes wrong.

The plot line gets richer, the characters gain more depth, and the realizations gain speed and intensity.

Thank you Life.


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